And the Winner Is…

Have you ever been in an atmosphere filled with people sitting and waiting with eager expectation for a winner of an award to be announced?  Have you ever heard the expression “you could hear a pin drop”? 

On yesterday I experienced both!  During a breakfast banquet at Ruth’s Chris, the winner of the 17th Annual Lexus of Richmond Pursuit of Perfection Leadership Award was announced.  When I tell you “I could hear a pin drop” that’s no exaggeration.

The room was filled with 30-nominees from different area high schools!  All are brilliant!  All are athletic and all excel in community activities.  I’m certain it was a hard decision for our President to make, but he did and for exceptional reasons.  After the program, I asked this young man “where his computer chip was installed”, because there was no way possible he was able to achieve at such high levels as a humanoid alone. 

So without further ado, allow me to annouce our $10,000 Pursuit of Perfection Scholarship Winner, Mr. Aoky Sarhan (pictured with the President of Lexus Richmond).


17th Annual $10,000 Scholarship Winner

Along with the scholarship, three winners were chosen for the FACEBOOK Fan Favorite competition!  The winner of the top prize, an Apple iPad3 went to Molly Banta!


Apple iPad 3 Winner

All of these students are extraordinary!  We at Lexus of Richmond wish them all much success and we’re looking forward to hearing there names again in the future!  





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