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The All-New 2013 Lexus RX – Venus vs. Mars

2013 Lexus RX350

You’ve heard that women are from  Venus and men are from Mars.  Well the same analogy goes for the 2012 Lexus RX350 and the 2013 Lexus RX350

Our 2012 model is from Venus.  Although I have no real data to support this statement, I think it’s safe to say that the Lexus RX appeals to females more than males (this assumption derives from our extensive internal list of female RX owners).  The shape, handling and luxury that it offers gives women the power to own a crossover vehicle without compromising their zest for class, femininity and style. 

Now the 2013 Lexus RX definitely comes from Mars!  I’m almost certain that the Lexus hierarchy figured the exact same thing as I did; that the RX appealed mainly to women; therefore the remake, restyling, and reinvention of the Lexus RX began! I’m confident that we’re going to be seeing an increase in men cruising around town in the 2013 Lexus RX350.  This new design caters to everyone who has a taste for the finer things in life!


2013 Lexus RX350


The most noticeable change is the grille!  It really gives the RX a look of power, prestige, femininity and testosterone!  Not only will the new stylish grille win them over, but the concierge in the console, known as the Lexus Enform App Suite (pictured below), the 270-hp, 3.5 liter V6 engine, all-wheel drive, remote touch device, that functions like a computer mouse, and the performance of the available 15-speaker Mark Levinson Audio System will all cater to our Mar-tian!


Lexus Enform App Suite!


So ladies here’s the plan.  Drag your husband or significant other into Lexus of Richmond for some casual browsing.  He’s going to be drawn to the 2013 Lexus RX350 we have on our New Car Showroom floor.  Convince him to go on a test drive.  Following, ask him his thoughts.  He won’t let on that he’s smitten.  You’ll know that he’s considering it, because he’ll be smiling in his sleep.  When he comes in to purchase it, remember the whole transaction from beginning to end was his idea!  Wink!  See you soon.  Ask for me!  I would love to say hello.

Melissa Chase – Review on the All New 2013 Lexus GS350

As promised, I finally caught up with Melissa Chase from 103.7 the River to get her review on the all-new 2013 Lexus GS350 and here’s what she had to say.

I challenge you to come by Lexus of Richmond today to experience this magnificent vehicle and others in its class! 

P. S.  Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!  Our showroom will be opened on Monday!  I hope to see you.

And the Winner Is…

Have you ever been in an atmosphere filled with people sitting and waiting with eager expectation for a winner of an award to be announced?  Have you ever heard the expression “you could hear a pin drop”? 

On yesterday I experienced both!  During a breakfast banquet at Ruth’s Chris, the winner of the 17th Annual Lexus of Richmond Pursuit of Perfection Leadership Award was announced.  When I tell you “I could hear a pin drop” that’s no exaggeration.

The room was filled with 30-nominees from different area high schools!  All are brilliant!  All are athletic and all excel in community activities.  I’m certain it was a hard decision for our President to make, but he did and for exceptional reasons.  After the program, I asked this young man “where his computer chip was installed”, because there was no way possible he was able to achieve at such high levels as a humanoid alone. 

So without further ado, allow me to annouce our $10,000 Pursuit of Perfection Scholarship Winner, Mr. Aoky Sarhan (pictured with the President of Lexus Richmond).


17th Annual $10,000 Scholarship Winner

Along with the scholarship, three winners were chosen for the FACEBOOK Fan Favorite competition!  The winner of the top prize, an Apple iPad3 went to Molly Banta!


Apple iPad 3 Winner

All of these students are extraordinary!  We at Lexus of Richmond wish them all much success and we’re looking forward to hearing there names again in the future!  





Melissa Chase – Cruising in the All-New 2013 Lexus GS350!

103.7 The River
Photo courtesy of!

I just saw radio personality Melissa Chase cruising around central #RVA in the All-New 2013 Lexus GS350

I made every attempt to catch up to her to see how she was enjoying the vehicle, but my car could not handle the challenge!  I’ll just send her an email instead…LOL.  In the meantime, I understand she’s doing radio spots on 103.7 The River, so tune in with me and let’s get her take on the vehicle while listening to some cool sounds.

On a different note.  I assisted a customer with pairing his ANDROID device to his 2013 Lexus GS350 on yesterday and even I (Tech Guru) was astounded by how rapidly the two made connection!  WOW.  The technology in this vehicle and those to come surpasses past generations hands down!  The GS350 owner is especially excited about the Lexus Enform App Suite.
He can reserve movie tickets from his car by using or he can make dinner reservations while parked in his driveway with the OPEN TABLE feature.  When I tell you this vehicle is loaded!  Lexus spared no expense when crafting this beauty.

Stay tuned for my post on next week regarding Melissa and her comments.  While you’re waiting feel free to stop Lexus of Richmond to experience this vehicle for your self!

2011-2012 Pursuit of Perfection Scholarship Award!

$10,00017th Annual Pursuit of Perfection Leadership Award $10,000 Scholarship

We’re getting down to the moment of truth!  In the next couple of weeks, Lexus of Richmond will be recognizing one outstanding High School Senior Scholar-Athlete to be the recipient of a $10,000 scholarship during an ellaborate banquet at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse!

For the past 17-years, Lexus of Richmond’s President, started what’s now our flagship charity, the PURSUIT of PERFECTION LEADERSHIP AWARD.  Each year $10,000 is awarded to a much deserved local #RVA student.  These nominees excel in not only the classroom and on the field, but in their community(ies) as well.

Along with the the $10,000 scholarship award, each student will have an opportunity to win an Apple iPad 3, courtesy of Lexus of Richmond. 


Click on this link to see all of the 2011-2012 scholarship nominees!  Show your support by voting for your “fave” as your FACEBOOK “Fan Favorite”.  The student you choose could when an Apple iPad 3, and all it takes are “votes”!  Voting begins today, Wednesday, May 9, 2012 through Sunday, May 20th, 2012.  The students with the most votes wins!  Again just click on this link, select the “Like” button at the top of our page and cast your vote.  Also, you can get status reports by following us on TWITTER @LexusofRichmond!   

We congratulate all of our 2011-2012 nominees!  Great job!

2013 Lexus RX350 – You’ve Got The Look!

Superior Styling

2013 Lexus RX350

It’s finally here!

Calls have been coming in!

Email inquiries have been sent!

Customers have visited our elite showroom!

We’ve experienced numerous drive-bys! 

Why all the buzz you asked?  Everyone has been waiting for the debut of the All-New 2013 LEXUS RX350, and we have it here at Lexus of Richmond!

I absolutely adore what Lexus did with the new spindle grill!  This bold change has taken the RX350 from smooth, cute and family-friendly to “sporty“, “powerful” and “intuitive“!  I’m confident in saying this new design is really going to cater not only to women (as it has in the past), but to men as well! 

I challenge you to come in for a driving experience that’s sure to make you want to not only drive this beauty, but own it!  I caution you!  When you make the newly designed RX350 your new vehicle, be prepared to get grilled by your family, friends and co-workers on why it took you so long to own such a magnificent car!

For more information on this vehicle, come by Lexus of Richmond where we have a Passion for Perfection!  No appointment necessary.

Sales Consultant of the Month – Robert Norton

Sales ConsultantIt is with pleasure that I introduce to you Lexus of Richmond’s SALES CONSULTANT of the MONTH for both March and April of 2012, the one and only Robert Norton!   I sat down with Robert on yesterday for an exclusive interview and here’s what he shared.
Robert how long have you been in the automotive industry?
“I have been in the automobile business since October, 1982.” 
 How long have you been with Lexus of Richmond?
“I have been with Lexus of Richmond for 6-years and 3-months”.
Robert, you have earned SALES CONSULTANT of the MONTH for 2-consecutive months.  What do you attribute your success to?
“There are several things I attribute my success to.  I keep in touch with my previous clients.  I have a good relationship with so many, that they remember me for their next car purchase.  Because I have such good relationships established, they refer others to me.  I sincerely try to serve the peopole I work with, educating and informing them without a lot of hoopla.  People know when you’re truly interested in helping them in any business.  I set goals every month for myself in writing.  I believe something happens when you reduce a goal to writing and then you are willing to put forth the effort to make it happen.”
Robert, what is in your opinion, the best selling Lexus model?  And why?
“In my opinion the LexusRX350 is the best selling Lexus model.  It has such a proven track record.  The styling, comfort, smooth ride, dependability, technology, and the resale value is absolutely the best in today’s market.
Robert thank you for the interview and congratulations again on your achievements.  I’m certain you will do equally well in the months to come.
“Thanks for this Kim.  I am humbled.” 
The pursuit of perfection continues!  Please come by and meet Robert Norton and our staff of friendly, competent Sales Consultants at Lexus of Richmond today!


Lexus of Richmond – 2012 March for Babies!

When you think of babies, do you think Lexus of Richmond?  Well you should, and here’s why!

The staff and management of Lexus of Richmond had an awesome time supporting this year’s Born healthyMARCH of DIMES  – MARCH for BABIES

This year marked the third consecutive year that we’ve supported March of Dimes – March for Babies. Each year has afforded us an opportunity to come up with creative ideas to raise money and ensure we do our part in aiding in the birth of healthy babies and combat against infant mortality.  We’re equally passionate, because of the “premature” births we’ve encountered within our own Lexus of Richmond family.  Had it not been for the research and mission of the March of Dimes, our babies would not have had the wonderful outcomes they did, and we’re so grateful.

Our goal this year was to present MARCH for BABIES a donation of $5,000.00.  With group activities, fundraisers, customer donations  and the Lexus family, we met and exceeded our goal!  Our fundraising endeavors ranged from an Ultimate Yard Sale to Blue Jeans for Babies, and many others.  Not only did Lexus of Richmond show our support monetarily, we were the “official car” for the walk as well.  Our 2013 Lexus GS served as the pace car, accompanied by our Lexus RX

This year’s event ended on Sunday, April 22, 2012 with a MARCH for BABIES walk in Monroe Park, located in Richmond, Virginia.  It was a chilly, rainy day, but everyone passionate about the cause showed up in their rain coats, rain boots, and umbrellas to walk five miles to say “I care”. 

The March Continues!

One Day All Babies Will Be Born Healthy

So the next time you think “Lexus”, not only should you think Lexus of Richmond, but think “babies” and how much we love them.  We’re looking forward to participating in the 2013 March of Dimes – March for Babies!  We hope you can join our efforts.

Lexus of Richmond – 2011 Elite of Lexus Honorees

Lexus of Richmond has received the 2011 ELITE of LEXUS recognition and we could not have accomplished this without the help, dedication and loyalty of our customers! 

We are proud to have earned the title ELITE of LEXUS for 17-consecutive years in a row without fail.  This distinction is only given to those dealerships that excel in sales, service and customer satisfaction!  We received this honor because so many of our current and past customers have acknowledged their satisfaction with our service and attention to detail.

The most interesting fact is, before the first Lexus was ever built, Lexus Division Managers and associates committed themselves to providing the highest levels of product quality and customer service.  Imagine!  Long before the rubber hit the road, Lexus made a commitment to its customers right from the very start.    How extraordinary is that!  This promise is  The Lexus Covenant (excerpts below)!

“Lexus will have the finest dealer network in the industry”.

“Lexus will treat each customer as we would a guest in our home”.

It’s been twenty-five years since that covenant was introduced and Lexus of Richmond conducts itself in that very manner today!  Being rewarded this award is a prestigious honor and we do not take it lightly.  We will continue to strive at being “elite” and offering our customers the Lexus treatment they’ve come to know and love.

We invite you to stop by our dealership and experience this exceptional service firsthand.

The All-New GS at Lexus of Richmond – :90 Commercial

Check out our newest Lexus GS commercial from Lexus of Richmond!  In conjunction with Fox Richmond and ABC, we will be airing this and a previously shown 60 second commercial for the next two weeks.  Look out for it on some of your favorite shows, including Desperate Housewives, Dancing with the Stars, Bones and House!  See what customers and professional drivers at VIR are saying about the All-New Lexus GS, and come to Lexus of Richmond and see it for yourself!