Lexus Enform App Suite: Making your modern life easier with Lexus technology

You might be interested to know a new update for 2014 Lexus new car buyers: Lexus Enform App Suite now comes free for a one year trial with any purchase of a 2014 new Lexus vehicle!   The Lexus Enform App Suite includes a few features for assistance with making your driving time more enjoyable, that include iHeart Radio, Bing, Yelp, Pandora,, OpenTable, & Facebook Places.  Our technology specialists are on hand to help you get set up with these features, so you can enjoy playing your Pandora account through your vehicle speakers, for example.  iHeart Radio gives you access to more than 750 American favorite local radio stations with commercial-free shows, news and traffic.  You can search for theaters, movies, show times, purchase tickets and navigate to a theater’s location using  With OpenTable you can search from over 20,000 US restaurants, make a reservation, call or navigate to a restaurant as well.  Learn more about these features from your local Lexus of Richmond salesperson and the Lexus of Richmond technology specialists, & enjoy a free year of Lexus Enform with your new 2014 Lexus vehicle!

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