Lexus new Generation 8 technology: in limited 2014 models

If you bring your vehicle in for service and drive a 2014 IS, CT, or GX while your vehicle is serviced at Lexus of Richmond, one of the first things you will likely notice is the technology.  Named Generation 8 in Lexus vehicles, this generation of technology boasts new features that haven’t existed in previous generations of Lexus vehicles. A few of these features are the ability to select how many “favorites” for phone contacts you would like, from 6-36, customizing the location of apps on the AppSuite, a 3-dimensional map that includes life-like, true to appearance buildings in major cities, and advanced voice recognition, which means you can speak using full sentences instead of abbreviated commands.  The Generation 8 technology is bound to make your modern life easier and we think will make your modern life simpler, easier, & more fun.  Take a look at it in one of the vehicles the next time you are in Lexus of Richmond.

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