Pursuit of Perfection Leadership Award Nominee Week #2 – John Fiorelli of St. Christopher’s School!

Congratulations to our 2st nominee this year – John Fiorelli of St. Christopher’s School!  John has a 4.0 GPA, and is the Team Captain, Linebacker and Tight End of his school’s Varsity Football team.  He was also the Team Captain and Forward of his Varsity & JV Basketball teams.   John has served in leadership positions as Student Council Treasurer & Class Representative, and on the School Disciplinary Committee at St. Christoper’s.  John has volunteered his time in the community as a Boy Scout & Eagle Scout Troop Leader, Sunday School Teacher, and Peer Advisor.  He recently attended a mission trip to Malawi, Africa.  As a finalist, John will compete for a $10,000 scholarship and has won dinner for two from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Richmond, VA.

Watch below to learn more about John’s accomplishments in the classroom, in the community and on the field.

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