The Lexus December to Remember Sales Event – All about the Big Red Bows!

“Lexus has been making their bow-on-the-roof Christmas commercials since 1998. For the vast majority of the campaign’s run, these commercials have all been pretty much the same: One spouse hands the other a small present, said spouse finds keys inside, both exit their snow-covered upper-middle-class home to reveal a brand new Lexus with a bright red bow on it sitting in the driveway. They’re simple, effective, and memorable, even if they are a bit unrealistic. (What kind of person makes a $40,000+ purchase without at least giving their significant other a heads up?)

This year’s commercials are a little different. The bows are still there, but now, instead of seeing the people receiving them, we get to see the people who make them.”  (excerpt taken from UPROXX, 50 Questions About The Bow-Making Family In The 2013 Lexus Christmas Commercials, by Danger Guerrero/11.21.2013)

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